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How to Use Myspace to Quickly Share Music

Eclectic Vibes

I got around to logging into Myspace again today. I never really used it in its original incarnation. Truth be told, I wanted to know what it was before when my daughter signed up for an account. Although I’ve known that it was more of sharing space for music now, I hadn’t spent much time with it. That changed today.

ZX81 Retro Gaming

ZX81 Computer

I often search around the web looking to see what kind of ZX81 community still thrives. I truly expected to find a community in decline, but a surprising number of nostalgia sites are still out there. I found some dedicated to hardware, some to emulating, and others to software. Some are reference sites offering up tips and how to do things. Others simply have reviews of software from a different era. All of them interesting in their own way.