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Not My Best Try at Programming an Ultima Clone
Iíve talked about ZX-Ultima before. It was first attempt at building an Ultima like game on the ZX81 using BASIC. Written in 2012, it was a pretty ambitious project for me. I really enjoyed playing Ultima III on my C64 as a teenager. I always wondered what it would look like on my ZX81. It was bad…
Posted Mar 31 by Steven 5 min read

A Developer Diary in Pictures for Gem Quest, a ZX81 RPG
If youíve been following me the last couple of months, you know Iíve been revisiting Gem Quest. Intended to be an Ultima style game for the ZX81, outside of a few demoís I really hadnít gotten far. That isnít the case now…
Posted Mar 07 by Steven 8 min read

How to Build a ZX81 Ultima Game Part 2: Gem Quest
After sharing Tiles, I started to dig into my previous attempts at building an adventure game. Digging through my past research, I thought about encoding the world differently. Sadly, my experiments using MCODER failed…
Posted Feb 25 by Steven 6 min read

How to Build a ZX81 Ultima Game
In 2012 I wanted to see if I could make an Ultima style game on the ZX81. I had an ambitious plan centered on the tile based graphics. After a few months of testing, I was able to create a working prototype called Tiles. Although the game isnít done, the idea behind it shows promise…
Posted Jan 31 by Steven 10 min read