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DISH CINEMA Userbar (Updated ... again)
I was doing a bit of clean up and, wouldn’t you know it, my DISH pay-per-view (PPV) userbar broke again. Apparently this is going to be an ongoing battle. It is good for me as I don’t spend a lot of time coding anymore…
Posted Oct 15, 2014 by Steven 2 min read

DISH CINEMA Userbar (Updated)
As part of my periodic check of my userbar code, I found that DISH once again changed their pay-per-view (PPV) web page causing my DISH PPV userbar to break. I’ve fixed it again and it now displays a pretty good choice of featured movies. Although events are still included, I dropped them due to …
Posted May 05, 2013 by Steven 1 min read

Dish PPV Highlights Userbar
Sometime back I created an animated userbar that showed the current PPV movies on Dish. Sadly, soon afterwards Dish changed their support pages to require a login, breaking my script. Sure, I could log in to get the information, but that kind of defeats the purpose…
Posted Aug 28, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

Almost DTV Time
Well, less than a day left and the old NTSC-M broadcast signal will almost be gone. I say almost because a few low power stations can still broadcast and I’m sure a few places will get by. But, by and large, it’s all over for our old analog receivers. Like I said in my last post, I’m ready for…
Posted Jun 11, 2009 by Steven 1 min read

All Ready for Digital TV, Are you?
Well, two days left and I’m good to go for the digital TV conversion. I used my DTV coupon to get my oldest daughter a converter box a couple of weekends back and setting it went very smoothly. She picked up around 13 channels (mostly public TV) and things are working well…
Posted Jun 09, 2009 by Steven 2 min read

What’s on DISH PPV Dynamic Userbar
This is probably one of the sillier experiments I’ve done. I’ve put together a dynamic userbar that displays the current Pay Per View (PPV) offerings on DISH Network. My daughter was interested in renting a movie and I thought I’d check out what was on PPV…
Posted Oct 17, 2008 by Steven 1 min read