What’s on DISH PPV Dynamic Userbar

This is probably one of the sillier experiments I’ve done…

This is probably one of the sillier experiments I’ve done. I’ve put together a dynamic userbar that displays the current Pay Per View (PPV) offerings on DISH Network.


My daughter was interested in renting a movie and I thought I’d check out what was on PPV. After browsing a bit, I wondered how hard it would be to pull the information and create a userbar for it. Thinking it an interesting challenge and an easy way to check out the latest movies, I dug into the HTML. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too difficult to parse the out the images and titles. I originally thought about adding a little side bar to the site, but pulling the descriptions proved a bit harder. Instead, I decided to give the code my usual userbar treatment. In all, an interesting project. If you want to use it, the link is:


Ping back if you find it useful! You can check out my other signature bars here.

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Written on Oct 25, 2008 by Jack Deth

I have this free iPhone app... i.TV running on my iphone and have it set to show me what's on Dish Network...

But it doesnt do the Pay Per View CHANNELS!!!!

So without hitting the TV and hopping to the 500's I don't have many other options to go with...

Keep up the good work!!!! 😃


Written on Oct 25, 2008 by Steven

Thanks for taking a look. I'm surprised i.TV doesn't have the PPV channels -- could be the API it is using. I'm hitting DISH's website directly since they don't provide an API. I don't think too many companies are really hip to SOA. The concept can really help drive a community towards a business and there are plenty of successful examples out there.

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