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How Long Can You Last against the Attack
Wanting something interesting, I struggled to find a ZX81 program to share. Plus, it was getting close to the end of the month. Digging into my old notebook, I stumbled upon Missile Defense. Although short, I expanded it into a something worth playing. Let’s dig deeper. Signs of the times…
Posted Jul 27 by Steven 5 min read

My ZX81 Tic-Tac-Toe May Not Look Pretty, but You Can Win
As June winds down, I find myself reminiscing about writing monthís program. 34 years later, I still remember the glow of the TV as it lit the notebook in my lap. Although I have fond memories of Tic-tac-toe, time isnít as kind to it. Letís dig in. Would you like to play a game…
Posted Jun 25 by Steven 6 min read

Can You Get the High Score in the Worst ZX81 Dice Game
Okay, although not the worst ever, Dice Game is pretty dull. With only two dice, no strategy, and no replay value, you might think this an odd program of the month. But for the young teenager that wrote it, it was pretty cool in 1983. Letís dig in and see why. Itís all about the code…
Posted May 28 by Steven 7 min read

Bringing an Old ZX81 Sketch to Life with BASIC Is Absolutely Crazy
Foreign to many developers today, I have a notepad and binder full of ideas from my ZX81 days. The notepad contains early program snippets. In contrast, I have sketches and designs crammed into a binder…
Posted Apr 30 by Steven 6 min read

Electon is Augustís ZX81 Program
I painted more borders on the ZX81 than just about any other shape. An easy way to confine movement, it shouldnít come as a surprise that Electon starts by building a box. And before you ask, this monthís ZX81 program isnít another version of snake…
Posted Aug 22, 2016 by Steven 7 min read