Weather Mashup

An updated version of my weather userbar using XML from NWS paired with a geocode search.

Although I like my existing weather userbar, I really wanted an easier city search. I decided to stick with NOAA and the NWS for now and ran across a nice all in one weather page with an XML link. The XML requires latitude and longitude meaning I need to find a way to find your city from a search string. Here is where the mash-up comes in. After a quick search, I found the Google Geocoding API. It accepts just about any search string and returns the closest match with the coordinates I need. The result isn't much different, but the location is easier to read.


Note that this API provides a lot more information than the original one I was using. I will be able to create forecasts, give more detailed weather information, etc. However, there is a minor bug in the current conditions icon that shows partly cloudy instead of clear. Another problem is that the weather is only for the US. I might look for other API's, but I do like the detail provided by NOAA. If you want to give it a try yourself, hit up this link and let me know what you think.

Updated 12/20/2018:
While working to move my weather userbar to to my main site, I discovered the geocode API had stopped working. Apparently, Google had decided to change how it worked. Not all that interested in creating new accounts, I found an alternative. It isn’t quite as robust, but it works.

As such, the new version of my Weather Userbar is now working on this site! Beside creating a new landing page for it, I also converted it to use, like the rest of the new signatures. This gave me a chance to fix the clear condition bug as well.

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