Weather Service Userbar

The original weather service userbar that uses XML from NWS, but is limited to weather stations.

Between blogging about digital TV (it’s all over) and playing Halo 2 (finished campaign on legendary) I’ve been working on a new dynamic userbar. This time, I’m generating a weather userbar showing the current conditions and temperature.


I’ve been wanting to pull weather data for awhile and was finally able to hook into the National Weather Service. The weather data provides some data feeds in XML that can be easily parsed and displayed. The one above is for current weather conditions. I’ve mostly been working on the programming, so the userbar could be a bit more interesting. Want to roll your own? Check out Weather Service Usersbar and select a weather station near you. Next up, I’d like to get forecasts working as well.

Updated 12/20/2019:
I’m consolidating my site and moving these old userbars over. The original weather userbar is now live and the links above have been updated.

You can check out my other signature bars here.

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