Let Freedom Shroom! July 4th Mushroom

A fun holiday post of some AI art I generated for today..

I haven’t done a short blog post in some time but today is an opportunity. I’ve been playing around with AI generative art using NightCafe. It is quite a fun community. Whether you love or hate generative AI, it is the narrative of the day. Always one to try out technology, it is interesting to see what things emerge from various prompts.

# Playing with mushrooms.

Today, I started to try out some various mushroom prompts. I know it sounds silly but part of the process of generating is to try new things. NightCafe offers multiple generative AI models to try and, along with different prompts, offers variety in generating images. Over time, I’ve learned what prompts work well and not so well. That said, the randomness of the models is both surprising and annoying.

This image is the final one I did for today. Given it is Independence Day in the US, I decided a red, white and blue mushroom with stars would make a good test. I’d already honed my prompt on other images to get a decent image in most attempts. Adjusting for my holiday colors, the prompt looks like this:

mushroom, portrait, centered, red white and blue with stars, white electricity around it, colorful backdrop, 8k, incredible detailed, photo realistic

It took a few attempts with different models to get what I wanted. That doesn’t mean those other images were bad though. Some of the others I published. Yet, they were missing a little something I was looking for. Here is the final image from today’s mushrooms. Happy Forth!

Let Freedom Shroom! July 4th Mushroom.Let Freedom Shroom! July 4th Mushroom.

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