Time to find motivation with Camp NaNoWriMo

Revision time for my novel Steel Warrior. Camp 2017 is my motivation, no room to fail.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 ParticipantApril is almost here and I have two goals for next month. The first goal, which happens next weekend, is to finish my first Marathon. Iím so excited. The second, is to finish the 2nd draft of my novel Steel Warrior.

Started during Camp 2014, Steel Warrior was my first novel. I went on to write a couple more novels and short stories during other NaNoWriMo events. Yet, Iíve never been able to get past the first draft.

Sure, I promised to revise them. I set goals and even even dug in and revised a few chapters. But, I never quite got past more than few chapter rewrites. Not what I wanted.

Since Camp was where I wrote my first draft, I decided to consume its inspiration again. Here is my chance to take that story and tighten it up. I need to add in excitement, clean up plot holes, and make it more fun to read.

Iím worried. Not about writing, that I can get done if I put my mind to it. No, Iím more concerned with structure. I shouldnít be as I outlined the first novel pretty well. But each time I dig in, what I did isnít working.

Timing is my biggest concern. The first draft used time to add tension. Yet, I canít seem to find the right meter to match the two plots that weave through the story. Choosing 72 hours, that time feels too long. I want to use 24, but doesnít accommodate the action needed. What to do?

Thatís okay. I have two months to get my revision done. Iím holding myself to 50K per month, which should be half my novel in April. No excuses. Life is always busy. Camp calls, I canít let her down.

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