Giving Who’s Amung Us a Try

I’m always interested in trying out new ways showcase visitors.

A number of other sites that I frequent are using a visitor counter service called Who's Amung Us. The site is easy to start using, just request the url, select a style and add to your site. Bingo, all done.

Note that it isn’t a page counter, but how many users are currently looking at your site. Yes, mine is boring and seldom has more then 1 visitor at a time (me). However, I actually like another feature more. You can view a map of where visitors have come from.

Take a peek at the right for an example. Again, I’m not a super popular site — actually, not even marginal — but it is still interesting to where some of my visitors are from. It appears that Who’s Amung Us is pretty smart about filtering out bots and spammers as well, since I know from my site stats that I get a lot of those. So far, I’m pleased and I look forward to seeing where folks are surfing from.

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