Major ZX81 Updates

Updates to my ZX81 Computer, and how things have changed.

[ZX81]A few things have changed over the list eight years. As I wind down the use of my ZX81 site, incorporating it my main one, much of below is invalid. That doesn’t mean that changes weren’t important at the time. Ideas come and go, and it is good to remember where we came from. Below is a recap of what was.

If you haven’t checked out my ZX81 programs, now would be a good time to visit! It has gone through a complete overhaul with a new back-end system and lots of new features. I’ve added a new programs section that provides the ability to run the programs that used to be on my original GeoCities website. I even added a few new ones. Or, if you're just looking for resources, check out the links—feature since discontinued.

If you sign up, also stop by the forums, also discontinued, and tell me about your first computer, share your stories, or just say hi!

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