Reliving Childhood: Macross

Here are some great cartoons I watched in Italy, even if I couldn’t understand them.

Much to my surprise, I finally figured out one of the other cartoons I used to watch when I was Italy. Along with Daitarn 3 I remembered watching another show with a ship that accidentally pulled a city with them. Sadly, searching for such a broad term was a bit harder than I thought.

Perseverance paid off and I discovered The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Even better, I found that unlike Daitarn 3 you can watch the episodes online and in English. I’ve watched the first few episodes and it is definitely the right show. It is also much easier to understand the action. The version on Hulu appears to be a bit more adult given some of the expletives used I wouldn’t have expected on TV. Even funnier, the way many of the characters say Major Focker's name comes out with a “u” sound. Well, back to more Macross watching.

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