March's ZX81 Program: The Ball Redux

Programming: 03/29/14 at 16:44:20 MDT by SafePit

Programming [The Ball, 1983/2012/2014]For March's program of the month, I drew inspiration from one of my older demo’s, The Ball. Like many young kids from the early eighties using BASIC, I took a stab at animating a bouncing ball. It is a a relatively easy program to write depending on how complex you want to make the math. In my case, it is very simple math, no physics involved here. I wanted something a little more interesting, however, and decided to add curtains. As the ball moves behind them them it changes colors. The Ball is still a very slow demo though, so in 2012 I sped it up by compiling it with MCODER II. This month’s program is based on both versions, merged together to show you the difference between them. The Ball Redux combines a little old with a little new, but at its core is still my original program.

Head on over to my ZX81 site to catch up on past programs of the month. [ View Article ]

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New ZX81 Program: Time

News: 02/16/14 at 12:36:59 MDT by SafePit

News [Time, 1985]I've updated my latest ZX81 program of the month. For February, I give you Time, a simple landing game with a twist. Using the Z and . keys, you maneuver your craft to each successive landing pad. If you miss the landing, keep trying but be careful. Run out of time and its game over! How high of a score can you amass? A fair warning, Time isnt always fair.

Head on over to my ZX81 site to catch up on past programs of the month. [ View Article ]

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Subtle Updates and Other Historical Back Steps

News: 09/30/13 at 22:53:33 MDT by SafePit

News I spent the last two days watching football and fixing up a few odds & ins around my sites. Probably the biggest change is the top menu. I've tried to match the style across each major site, including font and minor format changes. I also added my 360voice Dynamic Usersbars as a top-level site. Given the Xbox One’s impending release, and my use of that domain for other userbars, I expect I’ll need to give it some attention in the coming months. Again, these are subtle changes, but I hope they unify the sites a bit better.

I also spent a fair amount of time updating my LEGO Ray Tracing site. I wanted it to match the width of my other sites so that the top menu properly aligned when visiting between them. Of course, never to leave well enough alone, I also updated the front text with the updates. I also took the time to fix any broken links. Since many of the links were from the late ‘90s and have since stopped working, I ended up using the Wayback Machine to link back to them. While searching for new links I also found GEOCITIES.WS, which I used to link back to archived GeoCities content. I found myself waxing nostalgic looking back on all these seemingly ancient sites from the Internet’s early days. Fortunately, time moves on and I really, and I mean really, need to redesign and bring my LEGO Ray Tracing into the present. Sadly, white on black is not the new flat.

Enjoy! [ View Article ]

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Tags: 360  3v  dynamic  geocities  internet  lego  links  machine  ray  tracing  userbars  wayback  xbox one 

40065 Blue Jay

Photography: 05/15/13 at 00:02:00 MDT by SafePit

Photography LEGO's May mini build was a Blue Jay. I thought he'd look better in a tree which I modeled in LDD. I rendered the scene with POV-Ray 3.7RC7.

40065 Blue Jay by SafePit, on Flickr [ View Article ]

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Tags: 40065  blue  build  jay  ldd  lego  mini  monthly  povray  render  tree 

Fixing for IE10 and Other Updates

Internet: 05/11/13 at 23:33:40 MDT by SafePit

Internet I happened to load my sites into IE10 the other day and noticed the reflections were broken. Generally, I wouldn’t care much as I don’t use IE except at work. However, I thought it best that things not continue to look different. I updated reflection.js to the latest version. I also updated jquery.js as it was a bit outdated as well. So far things are looking better. I did notice my site was loading a bit slower though. I’m not sure if this is the new code or something else. I’ll keep watch and update you if something else is amiss.

I also updated hyphenator today. I use it my site to enforce hyphenation in words which generally improves readability. I noticed a bug in IE10 that causes it not to search words correctly when using the hyphenation. There is an option in the new version of hyphenator to use CSS3 hyphenation. This fixes the problem in IE10 which supports it. However, it breaks hyphenation in Google Chrome. That doesn’t look good. I decided to just stay on the latest version of code but with the IE10 bug in place for now.

Lastly, I thought I'd try again to get ligatures working. I spent an evening last week applying new styles and trying to update my fonts to a version that did support them. Sadly, even fonts that said they supported ligatures failed. I really wanted to try to support better topography settings. For now I don’t feel the effort is worth the results.

Feedback, comments and other ideas are always welcome! [ View Article ]

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Tags: chrome  css  font  hypen  hyphenator  ie10  javascript  jquery  ligature  reflection  style  typography 

DISH CINEMA Userbar (Updated)

Programming: 05/05/13 at 21:57:01 MDT by SafePit

Programming As part of my periodic check of my userbar code, I found that DISH once again changed their pay-per-view (PPV) web page causing my DISH PPV userbar to break. I’ve fixed it again and it now displays a pretty good choice of featured movies. Although events are still included, I dropped them due to the number of movies returned. I probably should turn that into a separate userbar. I also didn’t included new releases as I found they were also listed in the featured movie section. Lastly, since DISH is now promoting “DISH CINEMA” as their PPV brand, I’ve also updated the text as well to note the change in branding.

 Put in image source or UUB tag: http://​3v.​reids4fun.​com/dishppv.cgiView Article ]

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Tags: animated  cinema  dish  event  featured  gif  new  ppv  ub  userbar 

6364 Paramedic Unit (Updated) and 40041 Moose

Photography: 05/04/13 at 17:36:23 MDT by SafePit

Photography I'm a little behind in sharing some of my recent LEGO renders. I have an updated version of 6364 that includes the flowers out front and tilted windows. I also fixed a few misplaced pieces. I also have tried to get all my Windows software moved over to my MAC. As such I rendered this image with POV-Ray 3.7RC6 MAC-Beta.

6364 Paramedic Unit by SafePit, on Flickr

I rendered the second image back in December, but apparently forgot to share here. LEGO 40041 Moose is the Monthly Mini Model Build for Dec '12. I rendered the moose with with POV-Ray 3.7RC6 for Windows. The telescope piece (legs) are from LDraw. I was too lazy to make them from scratch.

40041 Moose by SafePit, on Flickr [ View Article ]

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Tags: 3.7rc6  40041  6364  beta  build  december  lego  mac  mini  model  moose  paramedic  povray  render  unit  updated  windows 

693 Fire Engine

Photography: 01/11/13 at 21:06:56 MDT by SafePit

Photography LEGO released this set in 1975 in Europe, and in 1976 as 485 Fire Truck in the US. Having grown up with these old sets, I have a special place in my heart for these short-lived LEGO mini-figs. Although I enjoy the great designs of today, I miss how simple these models are.

I rendered this model with POV-Ray 3.7RC6 using hand placed code. I didn't use LDD, LDRAW or any other LEGO design tool. This model took a lot longer to create than I expected. POV-Ray spent three days tracing this model. It came out nice, but I need to put some time into speeding up the render.

693 Fire Engine by SafePit, on Flickr [ View Article ]

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Tags: 485  693  engine  fire  fireman  lego  minifig  povray  render  truck 


Photography: 11/18/12 at 08:18:13 MDT by SafePit

Photography Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the November Mini Build from LEGO rendered with POV-Ray. I love the Mini Builds as they are quick to render and fun to build.

Turkey by SafePit, on Flickr [ View Article ]

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Tags: 2012  build  lego  mini  november  povray  render  thanksgiving  turkey 

6364 Paramedic Unit

Photography: 09/24/12 at 19:56:07 MDT by SafePit

Photography Blast from the past. This set is one of mine from 1980. I believe one of the last I received while still in Norway. This was rendered with POV-Ray 3.7R6.

6364 Paramedic Unit by SafePit, on Flickr [ View Article ]

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Tags: 6364  lego  paramedic  povray  render  unit 

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