ZX81 Emulator for et23.p

ZX81 program emulator for **E.T.**SLR/1985/2023**

**E.T.**SLR/1985/2023** (et23.p)

My semi-optimized version of E.T. to make it more playable in BASIC. This version fixes a number of bugs and issues from the original game. These include each pit having different contents, power pills that work, and a more interesting intro with Elliott taking E.T. home.

Loosely based on the Atari 2600 E.T. game, this is my single board game for the ZX81. Use A and Z to move up or down, and N and M to move left or right. Instructions for E.T. are available off my old ZX81 website.


ZX81 emulator in Javascript


JSZeddy, by Erik Olofsen based on JSSpeccy and Z81 emus.

For programs that don’t auto-run, press R then ENTER.

Also you may need to click on the applet to enable keyboard entry.