Type: ZX81, Graphic Game
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Synopsis: Help E.T. the extra terrestrial get home safely!
Operation: Introduction:
If you ever owned the ATARI E.T. video game, you'll probably figure this one out! Although not quite as detailed, it plays well. I would recommend playing it on a faster ZX81 emulator. It is a bit slow on my ZX81. Other than modifying the keys used, this game is taken verbatim from my original printout.

Below are the instructions that I originally wrote for this program (cleaned up a bit).

(The Extra Terrestrial)
  E.T. has been left on a strange planet. He needs help to get home. Luckily, he finds a home (). Around his home are pits (), in which helpful or dangerous objects are hidden. There is also a hidden landing site he must find. If E.T. (inverse "K") finds all the pieces to his phone, his ship will come and take him home.
  After landing, you must guide E.T. around the play field. By touching the inverse "P" in the pits, you will fall into it. Inside is either a harmful or helpful object (see below). If you hit the landing site, or follow a special search pattern, the landing site will appear. Touching home (inverse "H") with all the telephone pieces will start the clock. You must stand in the middle of the landing site where the ship will land at the end of the time. Careful, if E.T.'s energy runs out, it's all over!
   - power pill, gain of 10 energy points
   - dying flower (no points)
   - restored flower, full energy replacement
   - poisoned water, loss of 100 energy points
   - healthy water, gain of 20 energy points
   - phone pieces
  A - move up (or out of pit)
  Z - move down
  N - move left (also in pit)
  M - move right
Program by: Steven Reid (SLR), 8/6/85, VG, 171
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