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Mini LEGO ZX81, TS1000 with 16K RAM Pack
When I first created my Mini ZX81, I had modeled a Timex Sinclair 1000 (TS1000) as well. My intent was always to render them together, but other projects kept getting in the way. Finally getting back to it last week, the results came out better than I expected. ZX81, TS1000 and 16K RAM Pack by Stev…
Posted Jun 27, 2016 by Steven 2 min read

September’s Program: Runner
September’s program, Runner, is nostalgic for me. When I wrote this program I had moved on to my C64. My ZX81 was starting to gather dust as I was busy learning the ins and outs of my new computer. For some reason, something tugged at me to fix my ZX81 keyboard and get it running again…
Posted Sep 01, 2012 by Steven 3 min read