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How to Track Runs Using My Simple and Easy Race Tracker
I’ve been thinking about starting a running blog for some time now. Okay, I’m usually running at the same time. Call me crazy, but I enjoy it. So much so, I have completed quite a few races since I started running again. To kick things off, I offer up my Race and Run Tracking tool. A little history…
Posted Feb 10, 2018 by Steven 4 min read

January’s Program: Road Hog
Welcome to the new year! Starting off the second season of monthly programs is January's program Road Hog. Road Hog is a driving game similar to my later Flywheel game. I hesitate to call it a racing game as there is no acceleration. You just move the car left or right using the “z” or “.” keys…
Posted Jan 14, 2012 by Steven 3 min read