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My Mac Wanna Be

My Mac Wanna Be

I geeked out a bit today by loading Ubuntu onto an old laptop that I’d been having problems running Windows on. Seems the issue was a bad hard drive as it started to slam the drive head against the stop during the first installation. I pulled a drive from another broken laptop to fix that problem and started over.

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Mind the Gap

So, I broke down and bought a new laptop last weekend. No, I didn’t buy an Apple. I just couldn’t see myself shelling out twice as much money for half the computing power. I purchased one on sale with similar specs, if not the same OS and “coolness” factor. I was able to transfer most of my settings making it much easier to get up and running. It did take me a bit to get the “crapware” uninstalled. However, it did provide me the opportunity to try out some new software.