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HD DVD is Dead, Long Live DVD
Well, Iím a bit peeved that Toshiba threw in the towel. Good bye HD DVD, I hardly knew ya. It may not have had the density of Blu-ray, but Iím still convinced it had the better technology. Ultimately, it doesnít really matter to me though as Iím still in the Analog 480i age…
Posted Feb 19, 2008 by Steven 1 min read

HD What? HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray Wars
Although, to date, I own neither of the latest HD disk formatsóheck, I donít even own an HD TV set yetóI find the whole format war rather interesting. Having lived through the Beta vs. VHS, but not really understanding it, I find it fascinating how two companies complete against each other. Although…
Posted Sep 01, 2007 by Steven 4 min read