A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

More race statistics.

Announcement Mar 04

I added a more feature to the race statistics. You can now expand to see PR’s in distances other than the defaults. If you run a lot of different distances, this could be useful to see how you’ve done in various events.

Additional filtering.

Announcement Feb 22

I got around to adding a feature I’ve had on my list for some time. That is a more generic search filter in Programs and Races. You can now type any search term to filter the list of ZX81 programs or race entries as you type. It can be a bit slow, especially in programs. I haven’t dug further into why.

Few more theme fixes.

Announcement Feb 10

Focusing on mobile, I made some additional theme updates. This includes some responsive fixes in both the race tracking and ZX81 programs. The menus have text when collapsed as tooltips are unlikely to work. And main titles are slightly smaller on mobile as I found that some text didn’t quite fit. Of course, I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking things as I find more.

Theme fix for Menu Items

Bug Fix Feb 10

For members, you can create custom menus. Those menus can launch in a new window, but my theme wasn’t appropriately adding the target statement. Although the existing code worked with Safari, I updated the code to ensure it worked across browsers.

Slideshow fixes.

Announcement Feb 05

Okay. Last one, I promise! I did some theme clean-up on the Slideshow script. As with the rest, it now has a proper theme and title. Noticing a bug, I corrected the navigation bar to properly display. This forced some rewriting of the code to display the correct member name across the application. I also took the opportunity to harden the code a bit.