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Feb 10

Theme fix for Menu Items
Bug Fix

For members, you can create custom menus. Those menus can launch in a new window, but my theme wasn’t appropriately adding the target statement. Although the existing code worked with Safari, I updated the code to ensure it worked across browsers.

Feb 05

Slideshow fixes.

Okay. Last one, I promise! I did some theme clean-up on the Slideshow script. As with the rest, it now has a proper theme and title. Noticing a bug, I corrected the navigation bar to properly display. This forced some rewriting of the code to display the correct member name across the application. I also took the opportunity to harden the code a bit.

Feb 05

Beginning Gallery cleaning.

I started to clean up the gallery code. It really needs overhauled, but it mostly conforms to the theme norms. I also rearranged a few links to make it easier to use. It still uses tables under the hood and isn’t responsive yet. One more thing to add to the list.

I also made some minor code tweaks, with the most obvious being the consistent use of name instead of username. You can really tell that much of the code was written at different times by different people. One of these days I’ll scrub the whole base. But, for now, it works.

Feb 04

Cleaning up some admin stuff.

Although invisible to most, I did some admin script theme cleanup today. This included some title work, logging, and fixes for mobile use. A couple of items were updated for members, specifically Menu Manager now closely matches other pages with a proper header and title. That said, it and all other admin scripts could use some updated template love.

Jan 21

Cleaning up ZX81 listing a bit

I noticed an extra <hr> tag in ZX81 listings, which I removed. While in the code, I did some minor cleaning to conform to HTML5. There are a few stylistic and wording changes, but otherwise the listings work as before.