A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

New ZX81 Assembly Lister

Announcement Jun 19, 2021

Since listing a ZX81 program written in assembly isn’t all that interesting, I wrote a little routine to display the assembly code if available. This is a pretty simple routine, just dumping the file into a PRE.

Problems with PRE and newlines.

Bug Fix Apr 30, 2021

I really need to completely redo the way I handle text on my blog. I ran into a bit of problem today where the CMS gladly converted two newlines (HTML BR) into paragraphs (HTML P blocks) within an HTML PRE block. This effectively adding extra lines spaces I didn’t want. The short term fix was to create a new BBC BR code that prints a line break after the earlier conversion. I still have to remove the extra space. Not ideal, but it will do for now.

A bug hunting we will go in sendmail.

Bug Fix Dec 31, 2020

For some reason, emails weren’t coming in correctly. Digging, I found that there was an extra newline that messed up sendmail. Fixed! While at it, I also cleaned up some error handling in my contact form, especially for members.

Enhancing the sorting of ZX81 programs.

Bug Fix Dec 29, 2020

Although not quite a bug, I noticed that a couple programs weren’t quite sorting as expected. I modified the way I create my sort routine to order things the way I’d expect. First, I removed any articles and spaces at the start of titles. I then ensured that single words sorted before multiple. Since I reuse some names, just with new years, I had to make sure those titles sorted properly as well. Things look look better now.

Updated privacy and contact pages.

Announcement Oct 12, 2020

I spent the last few days cleaning up the privacy and contact pages. Most of the effort went into updating the style so they matched the main content. Besides fixing titles, I removed the old table forms and cleaned up some input prompts. I also made some tweaks under the hood, so to speak, to get things working a bit better. There is still more I could do, but it gets the job done.