POV-Ray Render of LEGO Model 353 Terrace House

Trying to get back into my LEGO ray tracing yesterday, I begin looking for old instructions on the internet again…

Trying to get back into my LEGO ray tracing yesterday, I begin looking for old instructions on the internet again. Itís been awhile since Iíd done that. Like coming home after being gone awhile, I enjoyed browsing through the old and new scans that are out there. I remembered liking the old house sets and, when I landed on 353 Terrace House, I thought it would be nice to render it. Yet, something made me think Iíd already done that.

This led me on a search to determine if, indeed, I had already built this model already. I started by searching my blog and Flickr sites to see if Iíd uploaded any photos of the set. That search came up empty, leading me to dig into my POV-Ray source code.

Since getting my Mac, I havenít rebuilt my rendering workflow. Iíd archived off my POV-Ray files onto an external hard drive when I retired my old laptop. In testing, Iíve been rendering directly from that source. Perusing those old source codes, which sadly havenít been added to since 2013, I did run across model 353. So, yes, Iíd built the model but never published it.

In fact, I apparently created a whole bunch of models that I never bothered to share. Finding my old ray tracing pictures folder, I now have a treasure trove of models and images. Perhaps this will give me the excuse I need to update my LEGO site. Until then, here is the latest render of LEGO model 353 Terrace House with Car and Garage.

353 Terrace House by Steven Reid, on Flickr

Rendered with POV-Ray 3.7 Unofficial on OS X, I doubled the resolution to fit the retina display of my Macbook. Released in 1972, the house in the model is actually a duplex. Although the set says it has a garage, it's more of a covered car port. The car sits in a little parking spot in front of it.

I do like the look of the gray flat bricks that form the pavers and the way they let the green show through. Since I didnít have the old style tree from the original set, I substituted another one for my render. The look is a bit dated though. Does anyone still have those antennas on their houses? Maybe I should substitute them for satellite dishes to update the look.

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