Type: ZX81, Graphic Game
Archive: snunch.zip
Listing: snunch_list.html
Synopsis: A Pac-Man type clone, sort of!
Operation: Well, this was one of my attempts to create a Pac-Man type game. There is a ghost, the player, and a four pills. Well, the pills do explode and reform, the ghost moves, and you need to get the pills without being blown up!

If you have a faster emulator, turn REM out the FAST on line 315. I modified this one slightly from the original to get the player's movement to work properly without getting stuck in walls. Use 'A' for up, 'Z' for down, 'N' for left, and 'M' for right.

Again, I really see some potential in this program. But I would probably do many the routines differently now. It is way too slow, even in BASIC. And the exploding pills aren't really fair or fun. Oh, well. Program and Learn.

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26 October 1998