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40029 Valentines Day Box

I posted this a couple of days back on Flickr, but hadn’t made it around to posting here. Happy belated Valentine’s day to all!

Posted Feb 16, 2012 by Steven 1 min read

LEGO Parts and Colors Catalog

It is a strange time for me. For years, I have run my web site locally as a way to test out new designs and programs. I have used that site as the home for my catalog of LEGO parts and colors. Unfortunately, the computer that housed that catalog failed and I still haven’t gone through the trouble of reinstalling Apache. While working on a recent project, that decision is becoming a problem. Today I decided to do something to correct that. I uploaded my L-Bricks catalog to my hosted web site. Now I can find the names I need to put parts and colors into my POV-Ray renderings.

Posted Feb 05, 2012 by Steven 2 min read

40036 Cobra

Short and sweet. Monthly mini-build for Jan 2012 rendered with POV-ray. Interesting that these in-store promotions are now numbered. 40036 Cobra by SafePit, on Flickr

Posted Jan 22, 2012 by Steven 1 min read

21011 Brandenburg Gate

Another great build from the architecture series rendered with POV-Ray. I was trying to add some back light, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the results. It took 3 days to render and it still has anti-alias artifacts. Overall, it looks pretty good though. Besides the title brick, I only had to model a few new pieces: the fence pieces and the 4 stud brick on top. The tap on top is actually from the LGEO library since I was too lazy to build it myself.

Posted Nov 13, 2011 by Steven 1 min read


LEGO Store’s Lighthouse is the Monthly Mini Model Build for July ’11. I thought this would be a nice quick and dirty build, but I ran into a minor problem. I didn’t have the wheel element in the build modeled.

Posted Jul 31, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

21009 Farnsworth House

I actually started 21009 Farnsworth House before my last model, but made the mistake of rendering it on my older desktop. It took over a week to render due to the glass and higher anti-alias requirements. I should try this on my daughter’s iMAC to see if how fast it renders with a newer computer.

Posted May 07, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

21008 Burj Khalifa

Ran across this model from a YouTube stop motion video and thought it’d be a fun build. You can see more pictures of the real model on BrickSet. I think my render came out well, even if I had to do a little color correction first.

Posted May 03, 2011 by Steven 1 min read


It's a rainy Saturday afternoon which provides a perfect opportunity to render LEGO's monthly mini build with POV-Ray. Bird by SafePit, on Flickr

Posted Mar 05, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

Panda Puzzle from 1975

I was reading this article from Brickset about a scanned Bricks and Pieces No. 2 from Spring '75. It was an interesting read and a fun look into LEGO's past. I especially liked the "What is it?" article, a puzzle of instructions laid out in layers. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but I just had to give it a go in LDD to verify. I was right, it was a Panda! Not content with just a simple screenshot, I exported it into POV-Ray. I think it came out very nicely.

Posted Feb 03, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

Polar Bears

A more interesting scene using the Polar Bear from January 2011 Monthly Mini Build.

Posted Jan 11, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

Polar Bear

Polar Bear is the January Mini Build. This is celebrated monthly at LEGO(R) Stores. First new render for 2011. Rendered with POV-Ray 3.7 R2.

Posted Jan 09, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

8029 Mini Snow Speeder

Thought this unreleased LEGO mini snow speeder would be fun to render. Not sure why this wan’t released. It was probably due to the cockpit. Oddly, LEGO released the instructions, apparently in 2008.

Posted Dec 12, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

6803 Space Patrol

Ran across this 1983 Class Space set while perusing Peeron. It is a pretty simple model so it was nice quick project to build and render. Unfortunately, I didn’t have part 4360 (Black Minifig Accessory Camera with Side Sight) already. Fortunately, the piece had been modeled as part of the LGEO library so I used it. Some days I think I should just give up modeling my own.

Posted Nov 14, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

Halloween LEGO Fun

Ran across these great seasonal models perusing Brickset. They are simple yet effective, really showing how LEGO models can shine with such few bricks. The Jack’o’lantern is just perfect and I love the use of the cheese slopes as teeth. I liked the yellow eyes of the bat. I didn’t bother modeling the ghost. It is a good model, but not enough to model.

Posted Oct 10, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

Sea Swallow

I was having fun again with LDD and POV-Ray and thought this would make an interesting render after my first attempt. I also uploaded a slightly different version to LEGO’s gallery with different eyes stalks.

Posted Sep 27, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

Waterfall v2 (Updated)

Okay, I went a bit overboard creating an updated version of my Waterfall with more accurate bricks and logo. I even randomly rotated the bricks to break up the monotony of the the logos. The first version with the LEGO logo was a bit too uniform.

Posted Sep 16, 2010 by Steven 1 min read


This is the second version of my simple waterfall experiment. I limited myself to a 4x4 plate and the bricks and colors available in LDD. I added a bit more foliage and color variation to the cliff.

Posted Sep 06, 2010 by Steven 2 min read

Adventures in Lighting

Okay, I admit that lighting isn’t my strong suit. I’m good with geometry and scripting. But I struggle making the images look as good as they should. These photos are my attempts to try to get better colors and realistic lighting from POV-Ray.

Posted Sep 04, 2010 by Steven 2 min read

Cube Dudes and Seagull

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately creating LEGO POV-Ray models and I thought I’d share! Brink Link was nice enough to post instructions for the SDCC 2010 Cube Dudes which I had to model! I’ve finished R2-D2 and C-3PO and they look great!

Posted Aug 15, 2010 by Steven 2 min read


Here is my take on LEGO Stores Watermelon Monthly Mini Model Build for July. This model screams Summer and one just didn’t seem enough. Playing around with better lighting, fog to soften light and JPEG artifacts, and a bit of focal blur thrown in for good measure.

Posted Aug 06, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

New and Old Models

I uploaded a couple of LEGO renders today, a new one and an old one.

Posted Aug 01, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

21006 White House

This is the wonderful 21006 White House. I love the look and did my best to recreate it, but I’m sure things aren’t quite the same. I didn’t finish the back yet, so don’t turn it around.

Posted Jul 24, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

344 Bungalow

I found a number of old models from 1969 and rendered many last year, including this one. I finally got around to rendering larger a larger version with a better background (originally it has a seam in the back). If you search for this, you'll find that I fudged the trees and used something newer.

Posted Jun 27, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

357 Fire Station

I rendered this a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share. This is LEGO(R) Model 357 Fire Station with Vehicles from 1973. I’d like to create a more “action oriented” version in the future, but it is pretty nice to begin with. I personally like the middle engine with the two yellow rounds. It was the reason I rendered the model to begin with.

Posted Jun 20, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

Flickr LEGO Fun

Flickr has become my new favorite place to share my LEGO creations. I tend to use Facebook for family and friends, mainly because that is what my family and friends use. But I digress. It is pretty easy now to use available tools, mine being Windows Live Photo Gallary, that allow easy publishing. That means more time building and less time cropping and uploading. In all, a good use of technology.

Posted Mar 14, 2010 by Steven 2 min read