I Love This Video of My ZX81 Parachute Game

Finally getting around to sharing a video of ZX81 Programs ZX81 playing Parachute, after typing it in of course.

Although I’ve known about this video by “ZX81 Programs ZX81” for some time, I held off sharing it. I was hoping to convert all my old ZX81 articles over to my main site first. But, life got in the way. Tired of the video staring at me from a tab on my browser, I decided it was time to share.

A little background.
For those not familiar with the game, it is a straight forward and simple program. As the plane passes over the landing pad, you need to time your jump to land on it by pressing a key. Miss and things get a bit dicey.

Of course, it isn’t that easy. The landing pad gets a bit smaller each jumping, making it a little harder to nail that perfect landing. That said, I’m sure you can do it. Right?

Just a little giddy.
The exciting part for me wasn’t the video itself; which is an excellent, yet straight forward playing of the game. Instead, it was the fact someone bothered to type in my program and play it! I love when people do that. It tells me that not only do people read my blog, but they derive some sense of value from it.

Although the author hasn’t uploaded new videos in a while, I’d still recommend fans check out the rest of the channel. The programs of various planets were interesting. Although I wasn’t familiar with them, I enjoyed watching them and the other videos.

As I did, it reminded me that I should get around to creating videos for my programs. Not everyone wants to play them, especially the animations. Plus, they don’t quite look the same as they do when I run them on my EightyOne emulator. If only my real ZX81 was still working. Sniff.

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